I found Management and Staff to be reliable, honest and very professional. They kept me informed throughout the whole process, which meant minimal stress for me! We entered into a cost plus arrangement, which meant I paid for the cost of the materials and the labor at an hourly rate. I have absolutely no regrets, as the prices offered were noble, the materials great quality and the progress efficient and smooth. Thank you i2 and crew, you have done an amazing job.

Even before the first site meeting, the team had mastered the project to what I had envisioned. There were some minor measurements problems in the original drawings but management picked up on them and rectified them before I even had the chance to bring them up! What's more, this thoroughness continued throughout the whole project - I simply thought to myself how everything was going and if we would be on track and when looking at my emails there was always an update!
Melbourne's weather has been unpredictable at best but that didn't stop management and the team! There was a minor delay due to rain over the weekend but hello and behold an email came through on Monday morning with plans A through to C with how they are going to catch up on work that was missed so that both the project and my budget would be on track!
Thank you! You guys did an amazing job!

I have been involved in Hospitality Industry projects for about 20 years. I am continually impressed with the professionalism and cooperation put forth by i2 Aust. and their administration. We were able to make necessary adjustments to design throughout the job, all the while keeping aware of the impact on the timetable and the budget. Excellent workmanship, commitment to details and the ability to compete the project on time and within budget, I look forward to many more successful projects utilizing the construction management services provided by i2 Aust.

Bill Mastrokostas 0437 619 900
Owner of Santorini Restaurant Williamstown &  Hospitality Furniture Concepts

I have had experience with tradesman, builders and renovations in the past so this time I took two weeks off work to ensure everything ran smoothly. I ended up going back to work after 3 days of my leave. I2 was not only organized and efficient but the professional team meant things just got time in a timely manner. The quality of the work was outstanding and the attention to detail magnificent! Should I need or know anyone who needs work done I will definitely be calling i2 again and again!
Paul & Mary
St Kilda

Dear Jim
Gareth and I would like to thank you and your team for such an excellent job! The workmanship, professionalism and courtesy was always to a high standard throughout the entire project. A couple of times - as you well know - I got very stressed very quickly however reflecting on that I really should not have - my business was in the best hands and the transformation you did to my restaurant keeps on taking my breath away when I see it! I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone wishing to partake in any building work or renovation.
Yours Sincerely,
Gareth & Nina

My experiences with workmen falls in two groups: those that are good businesses but lack organization and those that have no business sense but have somewhat alright organization skills. That is not the case with i2 and the crew - they are punctual, organized, and professional, there were brilliant at keeping me in the loop with what is going on! Just today I recommended a customer to i2 and their fantastic team, as I am so impressed with the work that I just want to spread the word.

Albert Park